Charity Activity

Charity is at the very heart of Freemasonry with charity continuing to play a major role in our lodge activities with a range of charities, both local as well as national being supported. This support comes from the goodwill of the brethren themselves and no outside funding is ever sought, nor do we solicit funding through street collections or similar fund raising activities, all donations being made by the brethren directly.


After the success of our 2016 RMTGB Festival and the achievement of being presented with our Festival Gavel, the lodge continued to engage with local charities and has this year donated to Cancer Research UK after a very successful St George’s Day dinner fund-raising night with £2,621.00 donated to this charity.



Such was the success of this event that the lodge will be hosting a charity Murder Mystery event later this year in support of Cancer UK – look out for details.


The South Central Area Charity Cheque Presentation evening held on 19th June enabled the lodge to donate to our invited guests from the following charities:

    • Rowans Hospice £244.00
    • Dementia UK £950.00
    • The Flutterby Fund £950.00

In addition over the course of May and June, the lodge sent donations to:

    • Portsmouth Hospitals Charity £120.00
    • Countess Mountbatten Hospice Charity £45.00
    • The Rainbow Centre £20.00
    • Cancer Research UK £12.00

In total the lodge has donated £4,962.00 this year.


In all of this our Masonic Charitable Foundation plays a huge role by providing financial support to numerous charities, indeed Freemasonry is second only to the National Lottery in supporting charitable causes in the UK as well as providing financial support abroad.


By following this link to the Masonic charitable Foundation you can access a number of areas of Masonic giving from Air Ambulances to disaster relief which will enable the reader to gain an understanding of our involvement in the wider world of charity giving by Freemasons.